Handforming Paper Sheets

Ray Tomasso handforming a sheet of custom paper from blue and black rag.


Inter-Ocean Workshops


Private workshops for groups and individuals are available for novice and experienced artists and craftspeople to learn, expand or practice their skills in handmade paper, paper casting, letterpress printing and the book arts.

A creative writing class might design and schedule a group workshop to print their work on handmade paper, for example.

Inter-Ocean is part of a larger community of calligraphers, printers, bookbinders and book artists who have also conducted classes at the studio.

Accomodations may be available for visiting artists and students.

Demonstrations, Lectures and Instruction

Ray is also available to conduct decmonstrations, lectures and instruction outside the studio.

He has conducted papermaking lectures and workshops in Germany, Denmark and many locations throughout the United States and Rocky Mountain Region.

Most recently, he taught hand papermaking at the Georgetown Heritage Center, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Lakewood, Colorado, and the Logan School for Creative Learning in Denver.

Ray has teaching experience at every age and educational level from pre-kindergarten to advanced degree programs. Youth workshops have spanned a broad range of social and economic levels ranging from gifted students in private schools to incarcerated teens.