The Inter-Ocean Studio is a fifteen-minute drive from the Rocky Mountains on Highway 285, a five-minute walk to public transportation to downtown Denver.

The Inter-Ocean Curiosity Studio is a 15-minute drive from the Rocky Mountains on Highway 285 and a five-minute walk to public transportation to downtown Denver.


David Ashley
Calligrapher / Bookbinder

Leon Loughridge

Tom Parson
Letterpress Printer

Rod Replogle
Fine Artist

Christie Ginanni Stepan
Letterpress Printer

Janet Stevens
Children's Book Illustrator


Ravi Zupa
Fine Art Printing

Lucy Holtsnider
Letterpress Printing

David Mittelman
Letterpress Printing


Leigh Holden
Hand Papermaking

German Murillo
Hand Papermaking

Zoe Tweed
Hand Papermaking

Fawn Atencio
Hand Papermaking

Baldfaced Hornets
Hand Papermaking

Inter-Ocean Curiosity Studio

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Since 1980 the Inter-Ocean Curiosity Studio has been located in Englewood, just south of Denver, Colorado. It offers custom handmade paper and pulp, and workshops, apprenticeships and internships in papermaking and letterpress printing. Accomodations may be available to visiting artists and students.

The studio includes tools and equipment for bookbinding, woodworking, metalworking, ceramics and glass. An extensive library of books, periodicals and ephemera associated with papermaking, printing, printmaking, book arts, graphic design, sculpture, fine art and related topics of interest are located on-site.

The studio compound includes a 1917 house containing the library and kitchen, an attached cafe from 1920s containing the art studio, and a 1,000 sq ft shop that houses the printing and papermaking facilities.