Detail of Rod Replogle's "Broken English" on Ray Tomasso's handmade paper.


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Portrait of Rod Replogle.

New Mexico artist
Rod Replogle.

"Leaf" by artist Rod Replogle utilizes handmade paper by Ray Tomasso.

Detail of "Leaf" by Rod Replogle on paper by Ray Tomasso.

Studio Client / Rod Replogle

Albuquerque artist Rod Replogle met Ray Tomasso through their long-time mutual friend and gallery owner, the late Jere Frutchey.

Rod's degrees in Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture led him to a career in the US Forest Service in Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. He specialized in the use of video, graphic art and exhibit design in museum display and natural history education.

Concurrently, he worked as a fine artist, becoming a member of the Taos Artist’s Association and participating in group and solo shows in the Stables Community Art Gallery. Now retired from the Forest Service, he plays an active role in the New Mexico art scene.

Rod frequently uses Ray's handmade paper as a surface for drawing and painting, as well as a medium for two-dimensional woven paper works. All share an interest in elegant grid forms of nuanced line and color.