Samples of invitations printed letterpress by Tom Parson on Ray Tomasso paper.


David Ashley
Calligrapher / Bookbinder

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Rod Replogle
Fine Artist

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Letterpress Printer

Janet Stevens
Children's Book Illustrator


Ravi Zupa
Fine Art Printing

Lucy Holtsnider
Letterpress Printing

David Mittelman
Letterpress Printing


Leigh Holden
Hand Papermaking

German Murillo
Hand Papermaking

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Fawn Atencio
Hand Papermaking

Baldfaced Hornets
Hand Papermaking

Tom Parson in his print shop.

Tom Parson in his shop.


Type, borders & cuts.

Type, borders & cuts.


Studio Client / Tom Parson

Poet and printer Tom Parson learned the basics of letterpress printing through a workshop in 1981 taught by Tree Swenson at Copper Canyon Press in Seattle.

His Now It's Up To You Publications features small format poetry projects: poetry postcards, broadsides and books.

His printshop in Denver includes more than a thousand fonts of metal and wood type, an extensive collection of cuts and ornaments, a 10x15 Chandler and Price platen press, a Vandercook SP-15, a 7x11 Golding Pearl, several roller proof presses and sign presses, and both 3x5 and 5x8 Kelsey presses.

Much of Tom's work features Ray Tomasso's handmade papers.

In addition to poetry, Tom also prints political missives, wedding invitations, birth announcements, business cards, stationery, postcards for gallery openings, and yard sale posters. His work continues to tie letterpress printing to the daily lives of the community.

Tom and his wife Patti have purchased the old train depot, a few blocks from Ray's studio, for a non-profit living museum of letterpress history. Follow their website to keep up on the new organization and their events!