Ravi Zupa's printing block on the Vandercook.


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Rava Zupa printing on the Vandercook at Ray Tomasso's studio.

Ravi running the press.


Zupa's newest print is cut in a plastic traffic cone and mounted on wood.

The print was cut on the interior surface of an orange traffic cone.


Studio Associate / Ravi Zupa

Ravi and Ray met recently at a relief block printing demonstration at a great gallery and alternative magazine on South Broadway -- Illiterate. Ravi now shows his work at Black Book Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District.

Ravi's main focus is drawing and painting but he incorporates many different methods and styles into his work. Most recently, he's started to include block prints that he carves from the inside of traffic cones, a method that he lifted from another Denver artist named Frank Kwiatkowski.

The photos show Ravi's visit to Ray's studio to print some of his latest work on the Vandercook.

His work, including prints, puppets, and videos, is on display on his website.