Graphic designer and photographer German Murillo explores papermaking for a fine art portfolio project.


David Ashley
Calligrapher / Bookbinder

Leon Loughridge

Tom Parson
Letterpress Printer

Rod Replogle
Fine Artist

Christie Ginanni Stepan
Letterpress Printer

Janet Stevens
Children's Book Illustrator


Ravi Zupa
Fine Art Printing

Lucy Holtsnider
Letterpress Printing

David Mittelman
Letterpress Printing


Leigh Holden
Hand Papermaking

Zoe Tweed
Hand Papermaking

Fawn Atencio
Hand Papermaking

Baldfaced Hornets
Hand Papermaking

German s

German practicing his sheetforming at the studio.



Studio Associate / German Murillo

German is a native of Bogota, Columbia, who moved to Boulder in 2008. A graphic designer and photographer, he has worked extensively as a photojournalist and documentary photographer for newspapers and magazines, a scenic arts photographer for concerts and as a theatrical, editorial and commercial photographer in Columbia and the United States.

In Boulder, he works at his German Murillo Photography studio, pursuing commercial and fine art projects.

German met Ray Tomasso at the 2011 papermaking lecture given in conjunction with Ray's show at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

He is learning papermaking in order to experiment with photo-sensitizing handmade paper for a series of new photographic projects.