Leigh Holden handforming a sheet of paper.


David Ashley
Calligrapher / Bookbinder

Leon Loughridge

Tom Parson
Letterpress Printer

Rod Replogle
Fine Artist

Christie Ginanni Stepan
Letterpress Printer

Janet Stevens
Children's Book Illustrator


Ravi Zupa
Fine Art Printing

Lucy Holtsnider
Letterpress Printing

David Mittelman
Letterpress Printing


German Murillo
Hand Papermaking

Zoe Tweed
Hand Papermaking

Fawn Atencio
Hand Papermaking

Baldfaced Hornets
Hand Papermaking

Leigh couching sheet onto felt.

Leigh couching.


Hand formed paper sheet draining on felt.

Handformed sheet on felt.

Studio Associate / Leigh Holden

"I pulled my first sheet of paper on a summer afternoon in 1998 at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. It was hot and muggy; I don’t know how we got that paper to dry. It was the summer between my first and second years at the University of Alabama where I was studying bookbinding and letterpress printing. I knew about paper, about grain direction and tear strength, about hot and cold press, about wove and laid surfaces. But there was a fundamental shift when I made that first sheet of paper. It was no longer a (mostly) static substrate; it now had life and character. It became paper per se paper: something that asserted itself intrinsically as itself. Since then, I have been distracted by many things, but I always return to hand papermaking. In its rhythm and routine I find a touchstone, a deep and satisfying sense of rightness."